• Our Reverse Mortgage Programs

  • We offer one of the widest available menus of Reverse Mortgage programs.  Please contact us to go over these programs and find the one that is tailored to your specific scenario:  

    • Traditional Adjustable Rate HECM -  This is the most popular HECM (Reverse Mortgage) program.  With it you may do the following:  1.  Extinguish your current forward mortgage.  2.  Establish a line of credit to be used at a later date  3.  Obtain a tenure (monthly) payment to be received on an ongoing basis.  
    • Fixed Rate HECM - To protect against rising interest rates you may get a fixed rate HECM.  This loan does not offer a line of credit or tenure payments.
    • Jumbo HECM - With traditional HECM loans there are limits as to how much you can borrow. This loan product solves this problem for a number of high net worth borrowers.  Generally this loan is for borrowers who have a home that is valued over $1,000.000.
    • Family Assistance HECM (FAMSAP) - In some cases, some borrowers have a hard time qualifying due to lower value of the home, extra repairs that need to be made to the home, etc.  This makes for a shortfall at closing.  The solution is a loan from a partner source that is secured by a family member.  It can be used in conjunction with a fixed or adjustable rate program.
    • HECM for Purchase -  In some cases a senior may want to downsize to a smaller residence or one with amenities that the current residence does not have.  With this loan a borrower will take the proceeds from the sale of the current home a purchase a new home using a new reverse mortgage.  No payments will be required while the senior is in the home.  A fixed, jumbo or adjustable can be used in conjunction with this loan. 
    • EquityEdge HECM - This program allows those who are 60 and above to qualify.  This program may also allow you to borrow more money than a traditional HECM. 

    These loans offer numerous advantages for those who wish to enjoy financial independence, so take the time to talk to a lender and determine if a reverse mortgage loan is right for you!

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