• Reverse Mortgage Qualifications

  • The basic eligibility requirements to get a reverse mortgage loan are:

    • All titleholders must be aged 62 (in some cases,60) years or over
    • Generally, you need at least 50% equity in the home (or down payment in the case of a purchase).  This is NOT a hard and fast rule.  It is dependent upon age and other factors.
    • The home must be your principal residence The home must meet HUD’s minimum property standards and be either a single-family residence, a residence in a 2- to 4-unit dwelling.
    • The down payment must be from qualifying sources (if a purchase).
    • You must complete a HUD-approved counseling session There are other financial requirements.
    • All potential applicants must go through a Financial Assessment. This is to make sure that all borrowers can meet the obligations of the property (taxes, insurance and other property charges) without the assistance of the loan.

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