• FHA Streamline Refinance

  • Lower Your FHA Interest Rate Today!


    What Is It? - The Federal Housing Administration (FHA) streamline refinance may be the easiest way for some homeowners to get today's best mortgage rates and quickly reduce their monthly payments. Designed for existing FHA customers, the "streamline refinance" allows homeowners to refinance with less documentation and underwriting.

    The calling card of the FHA streamline refinance is that no appraisal is required, a huge draw for underwater homeowners. In addition, the lack of typical refinance requirements, such as income and credit verifications, allows the process to move more quickly than traditional refinances, but while the FHA has designed the streamline refinance to be quick and simple, there are still a set of specific requirements that must be met, and some lenders even institute their own rules.

    Income qualification - No income qualification!

  • Other Streamline Highlights


    • No Appraisal Required
    • No Points, No Closing Cost
    • No Income Verification
    • No Out-of-Pocket Cost
    • Close in 30 Days or Less
    • Skip 2 Payments
    • Investment Property Streamlines
    • No Application or Junk Fees