• Thank you for your application!  We will begin the process of starting your loan immediately.

    A loan processor will contact you shortly to discuss the paperwork that you will need to gather to begin your loan.  However, here is a list of items that you should gather right now.

    1.  Tax returns for the last two years, Federal only.  State is not required.

    2.  Bank statements for the last two months.  Of primary importance, in the case of a purchase, is the account where the deposit/down payment i for the new home is going to come from.

    3.  Pay stubs for the last two months.

    4.  Rental information for your current residence if you are purchasing a new home.  Mortgage information on your current home if you are refinancing your current loan.

    5.  Any other credit information you think we may need.

    This is partial list.  Other paperwork will generally be needed.

    A professional loan officer will be in touch to discuss your rate/term/programs options.

    In the meantime, relax!  We sincerely believe that you have made a wise decision and we look forward to serving you.